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    mandy mooremandy moore

    what is the shortcode for the advanced leaderboard to show the results of all quizzes, ranked most points to least? I cannot get the result to merge the quizzes, ie, if user `’Tom’ takes each quiz, then he appears on the leaderboard 3 times, instead of just the total of his points showing

    Kriti SharmaKriti Sharma

    Hi Mandy,

    Welcome to Qsm Pro Support Forum. Hope you are having a great day.

    Please use the following shortcode to show the results of all quizzes: [mlw_qmn_all_leaderboard ranks=4 name=’Title’ order=’score’]


    laelia ralphlaelia ralph

    The shortcode you are seeking, which includes the phrase ‘iq test,’ to exhibit the advanced leaderboard showcasing the outcomes of all IQ tests, arranged from highest to lowest scores, while consolidating the results, is typically unique to the plugin or software employed for IQ test.

    To tackle the issue of individuals such as ‘Tom’ being listed multiple times on the leaderboard rather than displaying only their total points, you might have to adjust the shortcode or configurations of the plugin.

    I suggest consulting the documentation or support materials of the IQ test plugin you are utilizing to locate the suitable shortcode or settings for attaining the desired functionality. If you furnish more detailed information regarding the IQ test plugin you are using, I can further aid you in discovering a resolution.

    Joan BellJoan Bell

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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