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Answers showing as wrong

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    Aanand KeerthyAanand Keerthy

    Same issue with me also. For many students it is happening so. But the issue is there for only a few exams. Others are working fine. In results I have attached, you can see that Answers are marked wrong and the correct option is again given as the wrongly marked option. Please help

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    Thierry LemmensThierry Lemmens

    I am using 4 quizzes created with QSM on my website and I encounter the same issue on two of these. In these 2 quizzes, the problem appears only for some questions (3/30 in the 1st one and 5/30 in the second one).
    As I know what questions it is, I tried to create new ones with new answers… but the problem persists.
    I also tried it after clearing all the caches. It didn’t change anything…
    I will try other solution tmrw but sbd could maybe share the documentation on how those answers are marked as (in)correct in the db (and in what table they are).


    Thierry LemmensThierry Lemmens

    I couldn’t help trying further and here is a quick win that might help:
    I changed the question type from vertical multiple choice to horizontal multiple choice and it solved the issue
    Unfortunately, I definitely need the vertical version and when I switch back to that type, the issue reappears.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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