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Remove Prev / Next Quiz Links

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    Luke McManusLuke McManus


    Loving your plugin!

    One issue I need to address; how do I remove the previous/next quiz links at the bottom of each quiz page?

    I want to restrict which exams my customers view, so they don’t have access to all of them.

    Thanks for your time and help!


    Paul Borg-BarthetPaul Borg-Barthet

    I would also like information on this.

    Kriti SharmaKriti Sharma

    Hi Luke and Paul,

    The Next/Previous Quiz links come from the theme so they can be disabled only with the custom CSS code. As every theme uses a different set of CSS classes, so I need the URL of your quiz so that I can provide you the CSS code.

    And QSM does have an option called “Should the user be required to be logged in to take this quiz?”. If this setting is set to YES, then only the logged in users can take this quiz.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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