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Integrate an API from domdetailer to QSM

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    Tri LyTri Ly

    So this is the issue that I have on WordPress trying to solve. I have a website and I need to create a survey, one of the questions requires people to enter their domain and it will send the domain link to the domdetailer API and response back the analyzed value, then I want to use one of that value to serve as the answer for the question. That question will be scored later with the other questions in the survey to direct the customer to a result page.

    This is the sample that domdetailer showed on their website

    Examples Example Request
    Output Example:

    So like a textbox that allows the user to enter their domain and autofill the value into another textbox using API. I am using quiz and survey master plugin on WordPress to create the survey.

    I didn’t try to integrate any 3rd party API into WordPress before, I did some research though but still don’t understand the way to do it. So, it would be help if anyone can give me the idea how to do it. Many thanks.


    Hello there,

    You would be able to start with this documentation:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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